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Hey, I'm Abbey. I love reading and listening to music. My favorite bands include Green Day, Emily's Army, U2, The Who, The Beatles, The Ramones, Fever Charm, and Best Coast. I also have a certain fondness for Star Wars and Doctor Who. :)

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RTD Era Who: the Doctor helps the Companion realize how great they are.

Moffat Era Who: the Companion affirms how great the Doctor already knows he is.


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The rot just looks at the pit like “you gunna say me right?”
And then looks so happy that the pit did.

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*thinks about it for a bit*


I had a theory about this. I think that on the same principle that Ghazan can lavabend, it would be possible for a sandbender to change sand into shards of glass.

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all I want after Korra is an Earth Kingdom Avatar in modern times who sometimes is too busy on her phone or her computer to master all the elements and as soon as she messes up or something everyone’s tweeting about it so not only does she have to master the elements and keep balance she also has to deal with the constant flow of information and a rapidly developing world.

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I made a powerpoint of why I’m mad about the Korra pull. I understand it’s not cancelled (thank god), but I’m still upset.

please nickelodeon

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PARTY HARD!!!! Episodes 1 - 5 of Book 3 are now on Click here to watch them now!


PARTY HARD!!!! Episodes 1 - 5 of Book 3 are now on Click here to watch them now!

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Just read Korra’s update on Nick pulling off the remaining Book 3 episodes because of low ratings, yet they plan to put them online exclusively, causing a rage of fans bashing Nick for not marketing it well.

For those who are fans of Littlest Pet Shop the Series on the Hub Network (where the cult…

I’d like to add to this that I didn’t even know that the third season of LPS had started until I looked at the guide one day and realized that they were three episodes in. I think I ended up watching the first two episodes on Daily Motion so I could catch up. I can’t imagine how I would have found out that book 3 of Legend of Korra had started if I didn’t have social media.

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Hey Korra Nation! Phew. Some of you may have heard versions of this news elsewhere, but here’s the official word. After this Friday’s on-air premiere of Episode 8 “The Terror Within” at 8/7c, all remaining Book 3 episodes will move to a digital rollout. That means two things: 1) Korra is NOT…

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Imagine, though, in a best case scenario, LOK continues but is picked up by Hulu or Netflix. Imagine everything they could do with the show or future shows in the same universe that they can’t do on Nickelodeon. 

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